Agriculture E-Commerce

E-commerce offers an alternative venue of promoting and marketing agricultural products that has a benefit of reaching extensive geographical populations and providing details at a very low cost.The benefits of an e-commerce platform include new or additional website presence in the short term, new contacts and new customers in the intermediate term

Maintenance E-Commerce

ECommerce Partners provides an exceptional level of support and maintenance from the instant your website goes live. The success of your business is our business, and we take every means to ensure that your site functions smoothly, no matter how busy or complicated things.

Health E-Commerce

The healthcare industry, with more than one trillion dollars in revenue, accounts for about one-seventh of the U.S. economy. A significant portion of this revenue is lost to escalating healthcare system costs.This examines the shortcomings of the traditional healthcare delivery system in terms of information flow, communication standards, case collections, and IT spending. It makes the case that e-commerce has the ability to transact some healthcare business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Banking E-Commerce

Internet banking, sometimes called online banking, is an outgrowth of PC banking. Internet banking uses the Internet as the delivery channel by which to conduct banking activity, for example, transferring funds, paying bills, viewing checking and savings account balances, paying mortgages, and purchasing financial instruments and certificates of deposit.

Transportation E-Commerce

Globally recognized third-party logistics (3PL) provider Transportation Insight will showcase its end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions at Home Delivery World.Transportation Insight will share how its enterprise logistics solutions empower companies to overcome operational limitations, move products more fluidly through the supply chain, grow into new geographies and meet time-sensitive customer delivery requirements.

Constrution E-Commerce

At present the majority of large construction companies maintain their web sites, though mainly for information and contacting, and as an advertising medium. Some of the sites also provide recruitment facilities. The major initiatives in construction now are the creation of construction electronic market places.